💬 Overview

Taking advantage of unused lands or roofs, households or small businesses often choose to install a solar power system to generate electricity. By using solar energy, clients not only save electricity costs and contribute to reducing emissions into the environment, but also involve in an effective investment solution.
This is a solar power solution researched and implemented by Ngan Long team for individual customers, households, small businesses, etc. The scale of the solar power system usually ranges from 2 kWp to 100 kWp.

💬 Components of equipment and materials include:

🔹 Solar panels from leading brands in the world (AE Solar, Suntech, Jinko, Longi, Seraphim...)
🔹 Inverter brands are SMA, Sungrow or Solis.
🔹 Mountings, brackets, electrical equipment, accessories.
🔹 System monitor.

💬 Process:

🔹 Step 1: Consulting and surveying needs
🔹 Step 2: Planning and discussing with customers
🔹 Step 3: Signing the contract
🔹 Step 4: Drawing up designs and proceeding with the installation.

💬 Advantages:

🔹 Quick installing time
🔹 Committed to over 80% solar panel capacity for 25 years.
🔹 In addition to the equipment warranty according to the manufacturer's policy, Ngan Long provides a warranty for the entire system within 24 months.
🔹 Solar panels and inverters have international origin certificates.
🔹 Take advantage of the space to make income and make use of the endless energy from the sun.
🔹 Create your own energy source and contribute to pushing the use of green energy.